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Jack's Axe Throwing COS. Locally Owned and Operated.

Providing memorable experiences for all ages.

We are proud to be the first axe throwing entertainment business in Colorado Springs, and one of the very few in the state of Colorado. From our onsite to our mobile events, there is truly something for everyone here. 

Our Mission

Our Work, Your Play


  • Our mission has been the same since day one in June 2018, to connect individuals and communities through throwing sharp objects. We believe in the power of community, and at Jack's, we strive to do just that.
  • We are perfect for your corporate events, next birthday party, wedding party, fun night out, or time with the family. With onsite and mobile operations available worldwide, there is truly something from everyone at Jack's.

Why the name, Jack's?

Who is Jack?

Jack is not a person, but the business inspiring us all. I know, we’re sorry for the sad news. BUT, we can all aspire to be the best Lumberjill or Lumberjack we can be. Happy Throwing!

Our Services

We offer a full range of interactive entertainment services throughout the state of Colorado. Axe Throwing provides an unforgettable experience. We use common tools in uncommon ways, creating lifelong experiences for you and your group. Our motto is Our Work, Your Play. We take objects typically used for work, and turn them into play. We wake up, #ChannelTheFlannel every day and make memories for ages 4-104.

Birthday Parties

Bachelor/ette Parties

Corporate Events


Family Reunions

Mobile Axe Throwing


Non-Profit Fundraiser


Reservation only for onsite events. Find out where you can just show up and throw!

Find map below of where we are!

Peaks N Pines Brewery
Rock Mountain Brewery
FH Beer Works East
Landlocked Ales
Java Punk Coffee
Boggy Draw Brewery
Black Forest Brewing Company

Interested in scheduling a call for your custom quote? Book a call with our founder, Bryan to go over next steps to make your next event or axe throwing league an unforgettable event!


Jack's Axe Throwing video events

We tried axe throwing and it didn't go as planned! Here's a SNEAK PEEK at the next #Challenge Christina!

Bloopers before the segment? Why not! Here's a look at our upcoming #ChallengeChristina with Jack's Axe Throwing! Think Abbie Burke, Lauren McDonald

��🇸⛏ Corporate Axe Throwing League Sponsorship opportunity! 🇺🇸⛏ 🇺🇸 ⛏ Listen up if you want to get

��🇸⛏ Corporate Axe Throwing League Sponsorship opportunity! 🇺🇸⛏ 🇺🇸 ⛏ Listen up if you want to get exposed to 10s if not 100s of thousands of people thro

Jack's Axe Throwing at Haunted Mines

Jack's Axe Throwing at Haunted Mines

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