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About Us

We throw axes. We just said it…For fun, entertainment, recreation, sport, performances and MORE! It’s a little like darts, archery and bowling. But a million times more fun. There is nothing more exhilarating than hitting your first bullseye, and we guarantee you will at least stick it once during your time with us if for It is our mission to spread community, laughter and fun to as many people as possible. Everyone can learn how to throw an axe, Axe Throwing requires no special skill or ability, simply listen to your coach, and keep tossing until the party stops.

We throw axes, for sport and entertainment. No way!? Yes way. It’s fun, like ridiculous fun, you have no idea. To put this in perspective, it’s like taking the best part of bowling, camping, watching your favorite tv show & uncontrollably laughing at your best friend at 3am because you are so tired while eating a gigantic bowl of ice cream, times all that by 100, and you have axe throwing.

Want to learn how to throw an axe? Click here to read our blog post on how to throw an axe! Of course, you’ll actually have to show up to throw to actually learn…

Where we have been:

In 2018, we were in the Colorado Medieval Festival, El Paso County Fair, The Colorado State Fair, Lakewood Cider Days, Sugar Plum Holiday Food and Gift mart, Haunted Mines (All 23 days), and the Colorado Springs Gun and Knife Show. We regularly go around to different breweries, bars and coffee shops around Colorado to help other businesses and provide a unique and memorable experience to all.

We’ve served over 7,000 people.