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Meet the Staff

Meet Luke!

Jack of all trades

Luke is our definition of our 'Jack of All Trades' Luke seems to get it all done around here. When Luke is not putting targets together, cutting, cleaning or building any of our crazy games, you can find him on the field teaching you how to throw an axe! Wanna request him at your next event? Mention Luke in your booking and we'll work something out!

Better yet, ask him about our giant corn hole and his crazy building skills, you won't regret it!

Bryan Rossmanith

Founder & Owner

HI there! Name is Bryan, some people call me Jack, but contrary to popular belief, I am not Jack. Jack is all of our inner lumberjacks, and at Jack's Axe Throwing, we allow you to unleash your lumberjack in a controlled funtastic manner.

I got my first swing at axe throwing in Denver, and absolutely loved it. It reminded me of everything I enjoy in life. (Not to brag, but I got a bullseye my first throw ever.) Sports were a huge part of my life growing up, and continue to influence my life in a great way. Axe Throwing reminded me of all of these things. Friends, Community, Fun and a little bit of perceived danger. I worked in retail sales, but wanted more challenge, so I tried to work in Finance, and that was a disaster, then tried government work, and got bored to tears, then we stumbled upon chucking sharp objects at wood and never came out.

Having loads of credit card debt before I even started, I just decided to go for it and see what happens. Our first setup makes me laugh and also cry a bit. It was so bad, but I had a blast and a lot of others did too.

After working with large brands at some of the most iconic venues in the world this last year such as Young Professionals Organization, Lowe's, Ford, US Air Force Academy, private concerts with One Republic, among others and event planners of all sizes, being featured in multiple news organizations, radio stations and working with dozens of festivals, breweries and small businesses, we are here to stay for the long haul and excited to bring the the sharpest entertainment option with me wherever I go. Myself and our stellar staff cannot wait to meet you and teach you how to stick it like the great future Lumberjill/jack you are!

Now let's go kick some axe!!

Meet Autumn!

Certified Lumberjill

Autumn is one of our stellar staff members and is one of the originals of Jack's Axe Throwing when we first started in Colorado Springs. She's probably the nicest person on this planet, and has one of the raddest axe throws on earth. Axe her about it and learn some more! When she's not teaching people how to chuck axes, you can find her in school at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs or at her other job. Make sure to give her a high 10 at the next event!

Why do you love working here?

I love working for Jack's Axe Throwing because it's something completely different! Seeing the excitement on people's faces when they finally get an axe to stick is such a great feeling.

Fun Fact #1

I love weight lifting and being in the gym.

Fun Fact #2

I have the best puppy in the world. She's a border collie/blue healer named Pistol.

Fun Fact #3

I will never say no to wine and chocolate.

Meet Mike!

Certified Lumberjack

Mike is one of our awesome league competitors and happens to be a bomb axe coach as well!

Mike does it all. When he's not working his full time job, you can find him leading the way with his Non-Profit,https://pawsitivekidnections.com/, which connects foster dogs to foster children.

When he's not doing all of that, we get him! You can catch him on most Sunday's at Black Forest Brewing Company from 2-6pm!

Let's sling em with MIKE!

Who is Jack?

Jack is not a person, but the business inspiring us all. I know, we’re sorry for the sad news. BUT, we can all aspire to be the best Lumberjill or lumberjack we can be. Happy Throwing!

Jack’s Axe Throwing. #ChannelTheFlannel.

Our work, Your Play